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10 minutes (or so) - W_R_I_T_E [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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10 minutes (or so) [Sep. 10th, 2006|01:54 am]


How do things work? I've always wondered that. How a rotating object like a fan could always keep spinning all day without getting tied up. Yet that was when I was young. And now I know how such things work. Not fans specifically but just motors in general. Speaking of which do you know the difference between a motor and an engine? 

What will technology be like in the future? Right now it seems like we have advanced technology, but in another 50 years we'll look back and laugh at how horrible our computers were. 

Human evolution and aliens. What if there are tons of other aliens out there that know that we're here. They know we're on earth, and maybe some are even here too. What if aliens are just waiting for humans to mature as a species. Think about humans. What is one of our first instincts? Violence. What if they dont tolerate that. What if theres a whole galactic comittee watching earth and waiting for us to grow up. I think theres tons of other life out there in the universe. The billions of galaxies there are, with billions of solar systems in each, its ridiculous to think we're the only life. Freakin stars are just so far though. 

What if we DO come back when we're dead as new people. And each time we say, "wouldnt it be great to see technology in the future?" yet we WOULD see the technology in the future but just not know it. If we continually live through each generation not knowing that we lived through the previous one. we just keep getting recycled. what happens if we humans destroy ourselves? will life arise again and humans evolve again? what if aliens land here after we've destroyed ourselves. they'd find all our buildings and landmarks and stuff. how crazy would that be. what would they learn about our societies? isnt that crazy to think about excavating a dig in new york city? the whole city being buried and you digging it up. not knowing what it is or who lived there. not even being from this planet. 

what if we are that tiny molecule in one guys nucleus of a cell of his saliva. what if we're just a drop being formed, but for our time its billions of years. while his just takes 1 second. what happens then?


[User Picture]From: adorablymature
2006-09-11 10:50 pm (UTC)

A place for young writers. Whether you write poems, fanfiction, articles or some sort, this is the place for you. This is a group for you to get feedback from other young writers and to showcase your writing talents.

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